International Activity

I suppose it is the recent focus on anti-social behaviour (to put it mildly), both here and in Germany,  that made me think of International involvement.

This is particularly important for small businesses such as the majority of Mikronet members. It helps to have an idea of other social customs and ways of dealing with the problems we all share – independent of nationality. Now I am not talking about ‘etiquette’, but the real day-to-day business of survival and growth.

While virtual networks are terrific, face to face contact – at conferences, user days etc. are really important. It is a great pity that, certainly for myself, it is expensive to attend, both in terms of money and time, because I always return stimulated and with fresh energy to get on with business, but rarely manage to go.

I think that an International meeting between Micro-businesses would be of real benefit. We  have so much in common and should all be strengthening our skills by meeting and collaborating cross-borders. Think of skills transfer – both giving and receiving. I seem to learn something new every time I meet up with colleagues (and not just ‘people news’ either, although that sort of news is invaluable as an independent worker).

I have participated in several European projects as a member of an international group. I only knew most of them though e-mails, but found that once we met up, the work went much more smoothly and quickly.

 Does anyone know if an International network of micros exists? I am aware of the Libraries networks, but is there one specifically for us in Europe?