Progress at last! Promotion of my firm

At last there is some action with my plans to grow my business!

I had a meeting with Palle Temsen from the local Trade and Development Center… and together we arrived at some concrete next steps.

1. Get my homepage sorted out (I’ll be studying Dann’s blog entries with even more interest!).

2. Select potential local clients

3. Send my fact sheets to these selected businesses with a good introductory letter.

4. This to be followed up by a ‘phone call to see if they are interested in the material – this time I’ll be relying on the good advice from the Mikronet meeting with Ulla Lisa Thordin as speaker. I am still a lousy seller when it comes to my own services…

We discussed my firm’s name. I have felt for quite a while that it is not a good one for Denmark – people generally can’t pronounce it and find it instantly forgettable. Palle also thought that it could act in a limiting manner e.g. that the focus is too much on pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The name was originally registered in the UK when I worked almost exclusively with medical / device organisations, but since then the service offered have expanded to cover most business sectors. So at the moment we are pondering good names. I was surprised to find how simple it is to change a business’ name – a talk with Skat (the income tax service) confirmed that I just need to send in an application and that is it – no fuss, more importantly, no charges.

It does raise a question – do I keep both names or simply sort out a ‘point to’ when people try to contact me by the old name? It’ll be fun to sort it all out!

I think I’ll reread Abelone and Margrete’s useful book about “Micro businesses with expansion plans“. (a very rough translation of the title.)