Updating of skills – on-line training

It is really important to keep one’s skills up to date, particularly when working as a free agent who does not have daily input from colleagues   working in the same environment.
Last evening I participated in an e-seminar on “ Performing Effective Freedom To Operate Searches on STN”.
Although I have been doing FTO and other patent searches for many years, I always learn something new  – of patent searches, patent law or advances in the databases’ search facilities.

For instance -It is becoming important now to use multi-language terms when searching, as more and more countries’ patents are being added to the databases.

This particular training session was most helpful in that it covered all the various aspects of FTO  e.g. the reason behind the various complex processes that are required for a comprehensive search, instead of focusing only on the methods of searching and the command language.
It made me focus on the fact that what is evident to me could be unclear to my clients and in future I’ll make sure that this aspect of the FTO is communicated clearly.
I can really recommend good on-line training. Updating of skills, experts to hand to deal with questions – and no need to travel!