Reflections… and loose ends

This is the time of year when one traditionally looks back on the year that went and resolve to make some improvements.I have just been into the garden – the white March violets are flowering! The doves are courting. This time last year we had masses of snow and consequently it felt right to be beavering away. This year I feel more restless… obviously a good time to put my energy into something new.

Well, one of the more attainable resolutions is to tie up any lose ends from last year’s blog entries.

Daily life:-

My new office – still not quite ready to move into, but almost. Everything bar pc, printer and phone is already in there. This seemingly simple project has taken a lot more time and expense than anticipated. The floor had to be resurfaced just to make it level, and we needed an electrician to sort out additional power points and some badly installed wiring (done ‘professionally’ only 5 years ago).

The firm’s name change is in place, BioPharmation is now “Helen Martin” – not because of some big ego trip, but because BioPharmation appears to be an instantly fogettable name here in Denmark and as Abelone pointed out, as a micro, I am the firm and hence the name  should be more easily remembered.

Anyone looking on the Net for BioPharmation will be re-directed, so now I really have to get my new homepages sorted out and start to promote my re-launched firm.

A new logo and visit card has been designed, an A4-size brochure is on the way (one that can be printed at home as and when required) so now the work can get underway.

Being an incurable optimist means that I generally underestimate how long things take. I saw an article about time management (I think it was in ASE’s quarterly publication) where the author recommended drawing up a list of all the jobs planned for the day/week/month, and listing how long one expects the task to take. I have done this for the last 10 days and found that I really do need to double the time that I confidently thought would be needed. It is sobering to realise that most things take so much longer than expected and that allowance must be  added to take care of the unexpected.

So here is my resolution for 2007 – allow sufficient time for the task in hand!