Unexpected benefits of my micro-business

I was contacted by someone who had been referred to me as a translator because she wanted some help with lyrics written in English.

I am not a musician, but my husband is and agreed to help out.

It turned out to be Anette Svaabæk – a Mikronetter whom I met at our last conference. She was part of the trio of musicians who performed for us. Anette does not have a homepage but can be found – click on musik. In the event we had an afternoon of good music and enjoyable company – a really unexpected gift.

This morning I was called by a harassed-sounding lady who said she had found me in the local telephone book under “Information Specialist” and she needed information in a hurry – she was at a holiday camp with 65 children and had lost the telephone number of Hjem-Is (delivery of ice-cream). A real crisis – for her and the ice-cream hungry kids, but one which gave a good laugh and was easily solved.

Also the first time anyone has ever mentioned finding me in one of the directories in which my business is listed…