Websites – dos and don’ts

I think I have mentioned David Gurteen in this blog before – he is someone I admire for his  vast expertise in Knowledge Management. An article by him in InsideKnowledge, 2008 , 11 (9) sets out just what he looks for in websites – and what he likes and dislikes. I think the points he makes are relevant to all websites :

  • Do not use ‘marketing hype’ -accolades, lists of books and papers published, powerful, flowing marketing prose that says nothing. Start a blog instead – something that let the readers know what you can do.
  • Newsletter  – not just a way to harvest e-mail addresses – do give a description of content, frequency of publication or back copies.

He ends up by saying: “today to demonstrate your ability, you have to give people something of value – not hot air!”

I recommend that Mikronetters read the whole article!