3 Useful Tips, Help your ambassadors

3 Useful Tips, Make things easy for your ambassadors

3 Useful Tips: Make things easy, Help your ambassadors

– most likely you also have people in your network who want to step in as your ´ambassadors´. I.e. people who know you and your services well. People who also want to recommend you and your work, and bring you referrals.

use your ambassadors, actively, consciously and wisely

– and also, have in mind that they help you, voluntarily, and for free

– so, don´t make it too difficult for them to help you …

make it easy for them … !

very easy … !!!

– regularly I receive info about events and activities from network contacts and people I have been in contact with.

– recently I also received info about an initiative which was really worth supporting.

– however, the info about the event was restricted to be accessed only on FB

– much appreciated also, because that´s actually what I have encouraged people to do, as a natural and obvious way of helping each other – this is one of the benefits of networking

– however, sometimes it just becomes too complicated and too time consuming, because people haven´t done their ´homework´

– which means that I choose NOT to do it, or simply give up, even for honorable initiatives and attractive offerings

– because it simply becomes too complicated and/or too time consuming to bring their message on to other people for whom it might be of interest and value

Consider if you really want to make things easy, for others to bring out your message. Because this could increase the probability of your info to be broadcasted on a wider scale by your ambassdors.

So, how can you make things easy for ´your unpaid sales-force´, i.e. the people working for you, for free and voluntarily.

Use these 3 useful tips – Make things easy – Help your ambassadors.

It is of importance that the information you want to bring out, is available in multiple ways, i.e. at minimum … :

1. Send out mail´ed info with attachments in pdf-format

– because documents in word-format are not applicable for exchange on a wider scale

– it can´t be assumed that all receivers use word, have updated versions of word and make use of the same settings, fonts etc.

2. Prepare a ´ready-for-mailing´ e-mail with a short introductory text, ready for forwarding

– because, otherwise your ambassador has to make up and write one himself

– which he may, may not … do, on top of his own paid, mandatory projects and endeavours

3. Convey a link to a web-page with full and relevant info

– because, some contacts may only be reached via e-mail, some contacts only via FB, linkedin.com, etc.

– a link can always be forwarded, whereas it´s not alway possible/easy to forward an attached document to all network contacts. Also add a ready-for-print ´one-page´ pdf-file on the web-page.

– much, much more can be done to this, but these are some of the things which can be done, very easily, and with an absolute minimum of effort.

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