Difficulties with name-picking

As mentioned in an earlier blog, I have decided to change my company name. I have been pondering what to call the ´born-again BioPharmation´ so far without any results.

The word ‘BioPharmation’ was coined while still working in England as it emphasised that I worked with biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and information. Great for England. Less good for Denmark – even those tele-sales people who want to flog ink cartridges cannot pronounce it, and it is instantly forgettable.

I found a good link where the key message is to:

‘Start by deciding what you want your name to communicate. To be most effective, your company name should reinforce the key elements of your business’.

Ha! Easier said than done.

So what do I want to communicate? Well, years of experience in finding and managing information, evaluating, removing the less relevant – the dross that is always retrieved because (to date as far as I am aware) no matter how ‘intelligent’ electronic retrieval is, and no matter how skilled the searcher is at formulating the search terms, some irrelevant material is always included in the results. Additionally, only the human brain can spot the ‘serendipity’ hits that surprisingly often turn out to be relevant – often from a different angle of viewpoint.

So BioPharmation is not only too diffult to spell and pronounce, it is also too narrow -limiting – as a name. I no longer work exclusively with pharma and biotech, have a wide range of other types of company on my client list.

And I am doing more and more technical translations – in other words, not just focusing on information retrieval and management.

I have tried brainistorming and come up with nothing exciting or memorable. It’s difficult!

If you are thinking about naming your business read the article. It does give some very good advice and points for consideration.