Great initiative … ! – – Well done … !!! – One new blogger …

Hi Mikronet´ers !

– I am a new blogger in this great forum :-)– I have used, and chosen to use, the possibility of contributing as a blogger in this forum, after being a ´common´ member on since approx. 1 year.– so, why am I doing this? – … i.e. spending parts of my spare time in this forum … ? – I am doing this, because …1. to me obviously seems to be a lively, virtual forum with participants both contributing, and participating seriously, with a constructive attitude

2. I want to take part as an active participant in this forum

3. I am a network-person by nature, and relations-oriented also, privately as well as professionally

4. … simply can´t refrain from doing it, because I think it´s just damn´ interesting

5. represents one of the best initatives of this kind, I have seen for 5-7 years ! **)

**) a rating and recommendation follows in a later thread – I have participated in 6-8 other networks (virtual+IRL) within the last 1½ years

– and, who is this new blogger … ?

– he is a very pragmatic person, with some basic beliefs (experiences… ;-) ) :


– ´If it works, it works …´

– ´Whatever you focus on, becomes more …´


– in brief, within this context, I am a person working enthusiastically with :

   – Personal Coaching & Professional Coaching

   – Business Coaching for self-employed, small office & home-based business

   – Sales & Marketing Consulting for self-employed & entrepeneurs

   – Internet Marketing Consulting, i.e. how do I increase the outcome of my website ?

   – Search engine optimization, i.e. how do I get a better ranking on e.g. Google ?

– Before this :

   – Self-employed with Teambuilding and Company Events for companies in all of Denmark, 10 years

Before this :

   – Working in the IT-business as Systems Consultant & Programmer, 10 years

My background :

   – … lots … in many, very, very different ways – and, if this is important for you, you may take a look at my web-site, there you will find it all.

– in joint agreement with Abelone, I will be writing in English language also, mostly – because there seems to be an immediate interest also in building relations and networks with participants outside denmark

– so, for now : I am looking forward to hear more from you, out there –

– my contribution in this forum will be a lot more fun, and much more valuable – with input, from you …

dann s.