Microbusiness in growth – Status Quo

So here goes – reasons and basic plan for expanding my business -I am hoping for inputs from this network…


1. I have survived in business for 5 years, but not grown much in terms of income.

2. I am working long hours – would like to work less and be better paid.

3. I still enjoy being a Free Agent and independent, despite the many uncertainties this involves.

So how to improve matters? To date I am planning to do the following:

1. Get advice from others who have been where I am now and who have moved on: Networks, including Mikronet; the local Council of Trade and Commerce ( I am a member); from published materials.

2. Get my micro better known. So far I have a web site (uninspiring and difficult to use); business card; brochure and listings in various directories (online and printed). None of these seem to be much good at attracting customers.

3. Get a bigger office. My present one is minute. The dining room table doubles as work table and general storage space for paper work – too much time is spent sorting through heaps… we have a suitable room in the outhouse.

So the plan is to maintain this blog as a record of what has been tried, suggestions from others, what worked,what didn’t (and why). I supose that it’ll be a twice-weekly record of “life as an established micro business with ambitions”.