Networking in practice – benefits

Abelone Glahn recently sent a resume of the “Big Networking Day” which summarised the findings of an evaluation of networks. The fact that she took time to summarise and mail the report is an excellent example of the passion and interests Micros have. Charlotte Hammer sent a request to Mikronet members for someone who would be willing to act as an editor – casting a critical eye over written material in exchange for the same service –and found someone almost immediately.


I have personally just had this shared interest and helpfulness demonstrated. Ann Roldan and I had a folder made, setting out our combined qualifications, skills and services offered – and we are pleased with the results.

Kirsten Sydendal, another Mikronetter, offered to cast a critical eye over the finished folder and came up with several very pertinent suggestions which we will need to consider when the folder is eventually re-printed.

Kirsten and I met for a ‘working lunch’ in Maribo. It was really nice to catch up on news both professional and private. As always, meeting and talking shop was a pleasure, but made me realise just how isolated one can become as a home-office based free agent.

I think it would be good to have a local network here in Lolland Kommune – a sort of subsection of Mikronet. We have special interest groups, but being busy people it would be great to have a group based on location (and less time spent travelling) rather than only on shared interest – maybe meeting every two months, always with an agenda so that the time is spent constructively.