Wireless home network

I had a ‘phonecall from  Brian (Data-Larsen), he was in Nakskov and could call by the house to sort out the home network.  It took surprisingly little time – but I am certain that it would have taken hours of frustration and bad temper if I had opted to do it myself!

Brian has set it up so that access is secure, no-one can easily gain access.

I went out into the garden to play with my new toy,  it is going to be very tempting to work outside while the weather is good!  I  cannot detect any difference in connecting speed, opening various files on the Internet, using  e-mail and so far (48 hours later) all has functioned impeccably.

So to recap: getting 2 pcs and a laptop onto a wireless network which covers both the house and the garden took very little time and was less expensive than expected. I discovered that my laptop was not set up to receive the signal, but a USB Adapter solved that problem.

I also had to renew my antivirus program. I use Norton and have been pleased with it, but trying to renew on-line foxed me. I had to supply a number (I think it was a subscription number – anyway some code). I tried every single number on the original invoice and on the original disc and packaging. No joy. The Danish help-desk number was busy every time I tried -and I tried for a week. So I gave up and bought a new package.

Has anyone else had this sort of problem or have I just been unlucky?